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itunes versus winamp

this is an official blog now, I am going to write something about owning an ipod and using itunes. :D (next i discuss the war in iraq!!)

so, i recently purchased an ipod nano a few weeks back (mainly for my planned trip to hawai'i). of course, i ordered it directly from it seems that you can get it engraved for no extra cost. if anyone ever finds a black nano on the streets of LA with the initials 'tm' carved on the back (i didn't know what else to put!) then be sure to contact me, and i will give you $10 for it (seems fair to me). Also, due to the huge fuss about the ipod nano's scratching, i haven't seen it. that could be because i cut the plastic protector thing the nano came with to fit the screen and left it on there, but im also careful not to put my nano in my knife sack (i ruined some good books that way, need to get rid of some knives i guess).

which comes to the nature of this post: itunes. i dont like it. in fact, i've been using winam…