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blog to surf; surf to blog

So, every once in awhile I get the bug up my ass to write something on my blog. I have been updating my moblog more because I can do it whenever and from my phone (and pictures=103 words). Oftentimes, I write something then realize that the article isn't worth publshing so a one to two sentence non-posted saved idea 'post' will reside in my queue for a while until I realize that it wasn't ever worth posting in the first place and it gets deleted. I don't want to blog about blogging too much, but I can't and won't update this site because:

i am too 'busy' staring at the my work computerscreen i am traveling too much (ABQ?) nothing of interest in the tech world that i understand well enough to comment on all the recurring events in my life remain the same (which makes them recurring)
So I wonder what event I could blog about? Hrrm, maybe my big vacation of the year? Yeah.

So I'm going to Costa Rica tommorow, specifically Tamarindo on the Pacific s…