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Smithsonian Museum Day

This September 30th, 2006 is Museum Day!. The Smithsonian Institution started a free admission day a while back and most museums around the country (even if they already offer free admission) are getting into the spirit of the free Museum day! It's a Saturday ferchrissakes, nothing better to do that day (USC has an away game).

So go to the What is Museum Day? website already and print out the admission card located there. Wherever you are located, there is a museum nearby participating!

There are so many sweet places to go: maybe get my bro to head to the defense museum in San Diego, check out the only museum with only electronic art, maybe see some quilts (I'm big into quilting!), or just see one of the many art museums located around LA.



So, some of you might not know this, but I am very particular (peculiar?) about my hooded sweat shirts. I usually buy 2-3 new hoodies per year, and end up not liking most of them due to shoulder-area fit, color change, sleeve cuff, softness, waist area cinch type, or depth-of-hood. (Yeah, like I said peculiar).

There are two general types of hooded sweat shirts, flat-fronts and zip-ups.
Flat-Front Hoodies: These are normal sweat shirt shirts, but with an added pocket in the front and a hood (which makes it the hoodie).Zip-Ups: These have the same hood, but zip up in the front. They sometimes have no pocket but most have have a split front pocket. Well, this isn't about the criminal nature of hooded sweatshirts, or the fashion, but a zit pick about zip-up hoodies: Zippers!!

Most of the cheaper zip up hoodies come with plastic zippers. They are fine for the first couple months, but if worn in extreme cold (like while snowboarding), plastic zippers have a tendency to break teeth. Plast…