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My First iPhone Problem and Post: Google Maps Hardlocking

I had been using my iPhone without a problem since I got it opening day, June 29th at the Manhattan Beach Apple Store. [Thanks fulk dog for waiting in line!] Everything was awesome; contacts, pictures, youtube, Safari integration, everything. No problem activating it, like others have reported.I didn't usually let people handle it, I'm crazy like that, because they would have no idea where to start. So I would show them around all of the features; usually open up my Boards of Canadavideo to display the screen, surf the contacts and show them how to put their number into the phone, and/or show them Safari and my friend Deward's blog (since it looks super nice in the iPhone browser) depending on if I was on a wireless network or AT&T's EDGE. Take a picture, show them some pictures from that bar crawl from mid-June. Normal things that you would do with an integrated device that bills itself as a revolution!So, fast forward to last Saturday night. I let my friend's…

my foray into xmlrpc - calling perl from java

XMLRPC is supposedly the new RPC mechanism to handle remote method calls independent of programming language, platform type, or location. Basically, it is how CORBA was supposed to be. Of course, it formats data into xml packaged into an HTTP message. This is not SOAP though, and I still don't really know the difference, other than SOAP is a the packaging for WebServices and has its own strict way of defining method and method arguments(?). Anyways, XML-RPC sounds perfect to get some crappy Perl to Java method calls working!The problem as I see it, is that the XMLRPC mechanism is usually "extended" to handle language specific needs. This makes things a lot easier when you are using it to call remote methods in a uniform environment. The problem is that thats not what I want, as extensions in Java will make the Perl methods die. A horrible death.In Perl there are two cpan modules that facilitate the XMLRPC mechanism that I tried: RPC::XML and XMLRPC::Transport in the SOAP…