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LA Public Library Overlays, Take 1 redux

I wanted to start a project that would try increase the use of the local LA County library system. To do so, I thought it would be awesome to get more people to stop buying books online and instead checkout books from their local library.I still need to work out some kinks, but I created a github repo that will overlay any links (with ISBN-10 urls -- a small subset) to purchase a book from Amazon to re-direct to the LA County Library website search.For instance, say there are links in the page like the following:City of Dragons by Robin Hobb
O’Reilly’s Information Architecture for the Web (This was highlighted by the librarian when I was asking about API access :P)
Right now there is nothing special about the links. You can hover over them with your mouse to see that they point to Amazon.To see the code in action[If using chrome: Drag this link onto the current tab][With Safari, drag it onto your Bookmarks bar, then click on the bookmarked link][Other browsers: TBD]: COLA Public Amazon…