Using PyCrypto with Spring Crypto/Spring Security Default Encoders

Spring Crypto Encryptor Details The Spring Crypto module is amazing. Secure defaults using standard interfaces really make it a pleasure to use, and with it being full tested and vetted, it also gives a develoepr the warm fuzzy feelings of nice Java security implentation. The standard interface is through the class, defined (in version 3.2.0 here (the class API to which this blog post was written in July 2016). Spring Crypto uses AES256 encryption behind the scenes in its out of the box class setup; it's as easy as: In the above code snippet, the password  variable is a passcode, with the salt  variable used to create the AES key. It uses 256 bit encryption with the standard calls (depending on your JRE/Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Setup, make sure to download the appropriate extension ). The default AESBytesEncryptor setup generates a 256 bit key (32 bytes) from a salted iteration done 1024 times. Another th


So, I had this index.html file all re-formatted and had updated some of teh syntax and spelling of the posts (and clarified the facebook one) way back when but did some more work on it before I uploaded it tonight. I still need to do soo much; it takes lots of time to get things exactly right. And I usually either do real stuff or idle on technological websites trying to stay on the bleeding edge when i have some spare time away from 'work'.

Needless, after reading my friend enemy thaine's blog I needed a nice break from trying to understand the fine intracacies of using blue ink over black and cursive over block lettering when submitting applications to archaic business like schools that knowing Precious created a pretty darn sweet blog was a breathe of fresh air.

p.s. run on sentences that make no sense are bad for comprehension. i hope you get the gist.


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tmarthal said…
my first blog spam.

Anonymous said…
i know where you live.
Anonymous said…
wow, you moved your blog from 1996 technology to 2005.
Anonymous said…
Does the upgrade really suit your style??? It doesn't really have the Hacker Tom feel anymore. :(
Matthew said…
It "feels" the same to me....

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