Using PyCrypto with Spring Crypto/Spring Security Default Encoders

Spring Crypto Encryptor Details The Spring Crypto module is amazing. Secure defaults using standard interfaces really make it a pleasure to use, and with it being full tested and vetted, it also gives a develoepr the warm fuzzy feelings of nice Java security implentation. The standard interface is through the class, defined (in version 3.2.0 here (the class API to which this blog post was written in July 2016). Spring Crypto uses AES256 encryption behind the scenes in its out of the box class setup; it's as easy as: In the above code snippet, the password  variable is a passcode, with the salt  variable used to create the AES key. It uses 256 bit encryption with the standard calls (depending on your JRE/Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Setup, make sure to download the appropriate extension ). The default AESBytesEncryptor setup generates a 256 bit key (32 bytes) from a salted iteration done 1024 times. Another th


So, The University of Arizona basketball team is coming to Los Angeles this weekend to play USC and UCLA. Its been a tradition of our little AZ clique to go to the games for the last 5 years. However, UofA was a pretty good basketball team the majority of those years. Now with Rodgers gone, out of the top 25 rankings for the first time in 7-8 years, and Lute giving the kibosh on 3 point attempts (he should just tell Radenovich to stop shooting) things are swinging back into the LA team's favor.

Which brings me to the issue of tailgates. It would be nice to actually have a truck to go to the basketball games and put the tailgate down and sit and have a few beers and kick back. Well, I used to be able to do that.

Alas, as bad luck would have it (with the help of a few boys from a local chop shop ) my tailgate on my pickup truck was stolen clean. In the place where I park my truck at night. I mean, I see CLKs, H2s, m3's and all sort of $$$ MB cars next to mine. And they have to go and take off my tailgate. Taken right off. Who does that?

I had a nice long chat with the Manhattan Beach police man while he took down the crime scene information and dusted the bed and back lights for prints. It turns out that not too many tailgates get stolen. I've never heard about it until now, and it just sucks when it happens to you. And by the passive you, I mean me.

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