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Testing a moblog text post So, I finally got around to setting up my mobile phone blog for phone image storage and auto-publication of blog entries from my phone keypad. ^_^ Setting up the Go Blogger service was not like anything I'd ever done before; the user starts the process by sending a text message! Then using a reply text message with an automatically created temp URL and pass-code, you link the pass code and mobile phone number to your blog by logging into the website , which knows your phone number!. The auto-integration of mobile phone technology and blog services is crazy (like the glue!). After registration, of course, the images are auto-updated to the blog you associated with your phone number! Now I can take pictures anywhere and upload them to the intarweb! Next step: celebrity stalking! woo Now I need to update my css for this site to do some cool stuff to the mobile-post and mobile-photo classes, so that they are easily recogni

gmail chat

So tonight, i used the gmail chat interface for the first time. my first impression is that, AJAX is going to change the way that people use thier desktops. first off, since I had emailed my enemy friend tommy recently, he showed up in my gmail 'Quick Contacts' menu with a little orange dot next to it. Not knowing what the orange dot meant, but it being different than the typical grey dots next to all the other @gmail accounts in my Quick Contact list, I decided to mash the mouse button onto it. 9:29 PM me : are you looking for love? And so on and so forth, until we talked for 20 minutes about the badness that is the <iframe> that the chat originally shows up in, to the fact that you can "pop" the iframe out into its own browser window (if you have your pop-up blocker disabled!), and continue to have a chat with the person to the fact that video games are the new golf. What was so nice about it (me being the minimalist that I am): the only thing in the