Testing a moblog text post

So, I finally got around to setting up my mobile phone blog for phone image storage and auto-publication of blog entries from my phone keypad. ^_^

Setting up the Go Blogger service was not like anything I'd ever done before; the user starts the process by sending a text message! Then using a reply text message with an automatically created temp URL and pass-code, you link the pass code and mobile phone number to your blog by logging into the website, which knows your phone number!. The auto-integration of mobile phone technology and blog services is crazy (like the glue!). After registration, of course, the images are auto-updated to the blog you associated with your phone number! Now I can take pictures anywhere and upload them to the intarweb! Next step: celebrity stalking! woo

Now I need to update my css for this site to do some cool stuff to the mobile-post and mobile-photo classes, so that they are easily recognizable. Maybe put pink backgrounds on them or something.

Edit: So I moved my moblog. Previously, as noted before I set up a moblog at textamerica. It was a way to get my pictures from my cell phone to the internet, but nothing more. The layout sucked, there were things you just couldnt do with it. The templating, the link, the display area, the commenting, and the html could all not be edited. Even after joining the private google group [] to figure out some technical issues, I still couldn't find a way to simply format the page, images and comments. Maybe I just was used to the style interface and non-WYSIWYG page editing interface.

Anyway, I had a "test" blog over at for testing formatting and other stuff to publish into this blog. well, it is now my moblog (albeit, I am still working on the css over there). So to see the previously uploaded images, check that out. Its a more personal 'snapshot' (pun intended) into my life. :)


Anonymous said…
don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?!
any pictures of her riding a sweet mechanical bull?

P.S. don't EVER copyright yourmom

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