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So, every once in awhile I get the bug up my ass to write something on my blog. I have been updating my moblog more because I can do it whenever and from my phone (and pictures=103 words). Oftentimes, I write something then realize that the article isn't worth publshing so a one to two sentence non-posted saved idea 'post' will reside in my queue for a while until I realize that it wasn't ever worth posting in the first place and it gets deleted. I don't want to blog about blogging too much, but I can't and won't update this site because:

  1. i am too 'busy' staring at the my work computerscreen
  2. i am traveling too much (ABQ?)
  3. nothing of interest in the tech world that i understand well enough to comment on
  4. all the recurring events in my life remain the same (which makes them recurring)

So I wonder what event I could blog about? Hrrm, maybe my big vacation of the year? Yeah.

So I'm going to Costa Rica tommorow, specifically Tamarindo on the Pacific side in the NW portion of the country. Flying on LACSA airlines between the big cities and then taking a taxi flight on Nature Air over to Tamarindo. We are staying at The Surf House[flash site] down there right on the water and near downtown Tamarindo. I can't wait.

The surf is pumping in Central America; the SW swell should build up to 12ft through Friday with fair conditions. I am kinda scared and kinda stoked to get on it, I wonder how this Cali surfer will fare in the 17s periodic surf on a point break with a rock bottom. Totally different than the 6s sandy bottom walled up Manhattan Beach and El Porto beach break.

I will most definetly post some of the more interesting pictures here when I get back .

Not totally offtopic, but I think my dad dent me this article about Hurrican Katrina and the horrible Red Tide we had last fall: St Petersburg Times Article (I don't even know where St. Petersburg is!).


Anonymous said…
why isn't your moblog on flickr?

fyi, st. petersburg is in florida, on the west side of tampa bay
Anonymous said…
need more content.

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