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Surfing Costa Rica

A Set Wave
Originally uploaded by tmarthal. So, as a followup to the last post about going on a surf trip and blogging; it has taken me a whole month to get the motivation to finalize the post about the trip.

Well, it was worth the time and effort to get down there. I would highly recommend travelling to Costa Rica to anyone thinking of a tropical place to relax and surf. If I had to do it over again, I would do somethings differently. I would not fly into San Jose. We were staying in Tamarindo, a 45 minute drive south of another international airport in Liberia. Shoulda just flew into Liberia instead of San Jose. The cost to take the costa rica regional air taxi was $80 each way, not including the $25 for the board bag. A $10 shuttle from Liberia to Tamarindo would have been much more affordable, covering the additional cost of flying into the smaller airport. That doesn't include almost getting into a car accident in the San Jose taxi (not as bad as the Tijuana taxis though!).