Using PyCrypto with Spring Crypto/Spring Security Default Encoders

Spring Crypto Encryptor Details The Spring Crypto module is amazing. Secure defaults using standard interfaces really make it a pleasure to use, and with it being full tested and vetted, it also gives a develoepr the warm fuzzy feelings of nice Java security implentation. The standard interface is through the class, defined (in version 3.2.0 here (the class API to which this blog post was written in July 2016). Spring Crypto uses AES256 encryption behind the scenes in its out of the box class setup; it's as easy as: In the above code snippet, the password  variable is a passcode, with the salt  variable used to create the AES key. It uses 256 bit encryption with the standard calls (depending on your JRE/Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Setup, make sure to download the appropriate extension ). The default AESBytesEncryptor setup generates a 256 bit key (32 bytes) from a salted iteration done 1024 times. Another th

Surfing Costa Rica

A Set Wave
Originally uploaded by tmarthal.
So, as a followup to the last post about going on a surf trip and blogging; it has taken me a whole month to get the motivation to finalize the post about the trip.

Well, it was worth the time and effort to get down there. I would highly recommend travelling to Costa Rica to anyone thinking of a tropical place to relax and surf. If I had to do it over again, I would do somethings differently. I would not fly into San Jose. We were staying in Tamarindo, a 45 minute drive south of another international airport in Liberia. Shoulda just flew into Liberia instead of San Jose. The cost to take the costa rica regional air taxi was $80 each way, not including the $25 for the board bag. A $10 shuttle from Liberia to Tamarindo would have been much more affordable, covering the additional cost of flying into the smaller airport. That doesn't include almost getting into a car accident in the San Jose taxi (not as bad as the Tijuana taxis though!).

I'm including a link to a picture uploaded to flikcr just so people can see just how good the surf was. It was one of the bigger waves on the Tamarindo beach break, but it was definetly breaking better than anything in Manhattan Beach.


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