Using PyCrypto with Spring Crypto/Spring Security Default Encoders

Spring Crypto Encryptor Details The Spring Crypto module is amazing. Secure defaults using standard interfaces really make it a pleasure to use, and with it being full tested and vetted, it also gives a develoepr the warm fuzzy feelings of nice Java security implentation. The standard interface is through the class, defined (in version 3.2.0 here (the class API to which this blog post was written in July 2016). Spring Crypto uses AES256 encryption behind the scenes in its out of the box class setup; it's as easy as: In the above code snippet, the password  variable is a passcode, with the salt  variable used to create the AES key. It uses 256 bit encryption with the standard calls (depending on your JRE/Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Setup, make sure to download the appropriate extension ). The default AESBytesEncryptor setup generates a 256 bit key (32 bytes) from a salted iteration done 1024 times. Another th and google indexing

So there is this 'blogger' SearchBar and blog webring bar at the top of this page. I could have chosen to get rid of it using a simple CSS hack, but I chose not to, thinking that it would actually work, and that the average user could search this page.

Well they can't. At least not yet.

Cause google hasn't indexed this blog yet. For instance, using the google search "AWESOME" returns 0 results, when it should return 100 million. So while we wait patiently for the google robot to spyder these pages, we have to be content in the fact that they will eventually get here, and the SearchBar will eventually work.


Matthew said…
I can't wait for the search bar to work because I have SO MANY things I want to search this blog about. It's wealth of information can only be tamed by such a beast as Google itself.
Anonymous said…
don't worry about google, technorati has you covered
tmarthal said…

that is a useful tool though. its gay that they had to make thier website an illuminati reference though.

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