Importing Old Items

I have finally imported my old items from my previous blog and updated the interface to get the exact format that I wanted... it had to simulate the '1996' html so reminiscent of my early college page posting, but still use a web interface tool(deward says: "Welcome to 2005"). It is nice that blogger/blogspot gives us (intraweb progamamarts) the tools to hack at the published website html itself instead of relying on a limited amount of css templates designed by others (as seems to be the case at I guess I have a problem using technology that I don't understand that was written by other people.

Now the only problem with this thing is posting content that is worthy of the name: i am finding that i hardly ever care about the opinions and happenings of other random people, so why should they care about mine? In fact, I was going to blog about how I try never to use any automation or tool that I do not understand in my scripting and programming (which is inherently what does), but then realized that was not only not the case, but that i couldn't decipher my thoughts enough on the subject to make a coherent argument why people should not use tools that they didnt write themselves or understand enough to customize with the features that they want. I guess i was just going to take a cheap stab at non-technical people using the internets the same way that I do.

After that tech post, I was going to blog about how I stopped buying 'adult vitamins' that i would never take. I now bought some Flinstone's vitamins instead that I take everyday (since they are chewable and what color i get determines the type of day I will have). My point being that taking a not-as-good-for-you vitamin everyday is better than never taking a the-best-ever vitamin. That was Zen, this is Dao.


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