im listening to::what others are listening to

while others post static content about what they are listening to, i choose to use a tool to keep all my raving fans complacent with auto-updates to my winamp awesome list using a tool called audioscrobbler:

The thing that i like about audioscrobbler is the technology. it is like a combination of with shoutcast. although, i dont completely understand it (see my comments in that other blog post about using technology that i dont 100% understand!), it is bad-to-the-ass.

to listen to the songs that i am listening to, and only me, then open up my profile and click on the "personal radio button" [personal radio] and it will start a script to download a .m3u playlist file (that you can import into winamp) and then get streaming music delivered to your computer that I PICKED ... by listening to them myself!! Note that there is a way to pick songs and whole albums from a webinterface, but that is dumb and not along the lines of "listen to this because it is awesome".

i think that there might be some sort of trial period for publishing my radio station, my firefox plugins change and delete so much html content from browsed websites that i am not sure that i am viewing what you other people are viewing. we'll see if they ever shut it off.



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