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i know everyone has heard that cnet wrote an article about google's ceo and included some basic personal information in thier article about privacy and intraweb crawlers obtaining 'private' information published on teh intarnets. well, it turns out that while 'marthaler' isn't that common of a name (there should be in about 30 years after me and my 4 brothers have 5 boys each...) you still can't find too much information about me on the web. it turns out that there is some powerful ceo/business guy in chicago with the same first and last name as me. and that there is a whole wisconsin/minnesota marthaler family. the only way that you can even see how i have impacted the documented world is by searching for 'physics' along with my name. and then you only get an article about how i won an engineering competition back in the day.

Well, it turns out that there are better ways of obtaining personal/address/phone number/martial (and marital!)/age information about someone. in fact, when i looked myself up using i found that they had every phone number i have ever listed/paid for and every address at which i have ever lived. then when i looked you up (i can tell who you are, i have people) i found everything about you too!! I'll call ya later.

p.s. caps are for people that have shift keys


Matthew said…
Zabasearch had two instances of me listed. The first was at my parents Midwest address but they had my birthdate listed as 1964. They also had my current address and name but no birthday listed with that one. I wonder where they get this information.
Anonymous said…
zabasearch is kind of scary. where do they get that information???
tmarthal said…
whats your middle name?
Anonymous said…
Haha, there are only 4 results in the country for Deward Watts. They only have the home I grew up in, I can't find anything I have lived in the last 9 years. Interesting that my dad is not listed on the home I gre up in.
Matthew said…
Wow! I just did a search on Birdog and found out that he used to be a bird before he became a dog.

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