The webcomic xkcd was recently featured on a popular tech website which I frequent. The author spoke at mit about his life and writing (and was interuppted by students), so I started reading the comic. Man, is it good.

I just started reading them, and got lots of the way through. Then I realized that there is a second level of awesome, in the img alt text tags. And then I read most of them again.

Some of my favs, in no particular order:

<img alt="how many links is he going to inline?!" src="./holla.jpg">


Unknown said…
http://xkcd.com/c55.html - incorporation of the identity matrix = sweet.
tmarthal said…
In that comic, the Fourier integral is more funny. Its like, its not convergent.

<3 aka lt3
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
http://xkcd.com/c257.html is also excellent.

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