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What this post boils down to is $100 for 2 months of sweet iphone usage. =)

I can't say that I'm disappointed, my $499 4GB iPhone purchase was a sunk cost, and I expected some 'early adopter' problems. I did not expect news that apple would cost them so aggressively so soon. Today apple released news that they are getting rid of the 4GB iphone models and dropping the price of the 8GB version to $399.

Pretty crazy. But the last two months were worth the hundo! We do throw them out of windows, you know.


And in a suprising move, jobs offers $100 credit back to early iPhone adopters! There is a first time for everything, I guess.


Anonymous said…
hey, my sunk cost was $200. Anyway, imo today's important news translated..... ATT, speed up your slow ass out of date network, if you can't, we'll get bandwidth eleswhere, ie: tmobile, err i mean starbucks.

Now imagine a skype client for the iPod touch, no more need to rely on an out of date and out of touch telecom industry.

Hey, one can only hope.

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