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Rap Marketing Comes to Nerdcore

My friend jake sent me this. jake fancies himself as "j2bb" in his inner ibm web development rap circles.,1284,67970,00.html

It talks about how CS grad students around the nation (with whom i group myself) are creating verses about thier math and thier phat 'Algorythms'.

"MC Plus+ rattles off lines like: "I'm encrypting shit like every single day; sending it across a network in a safe way; protecting messages to make my pay; if you hack me you're guilty under DMCA.""

for once i am speachless. too close to home? you're god damned right.

professional web publishing: love that <marquee> tag!

OMG LIKE HI LOL ROFL im listening to::what others are listening to

while others post static content about what they are listening to, i choose to use a tool to keep all my raving fans complacent with auto-updates to my winamp awesome list using a tool called audioscrobbler:

The thing that i like about audioscrobbler is the technology. it is like a combination of with shoutcast. although, i dont completely understand it (see my comments in that other blog post about using technology that i dont 100% understand!), it is bad-to-the-ass.

to listen to the songs that i am listening to, and only me, then open up my profile and click on the "personal radio button" and it will start a script to download a .m3u playlist file (that you can import into winamp) and then get streaming music delivered to your computer that I PICKED ... by listening to them myself!! Note that there is a way to pick songs and whole albums from a webinterface, but … and google indexing

So there is this 'blogger' SearchBar and blog webring bar at the top of this page. I could have chosen to get rid of it using a simple CSS hack, but I chose not to, thinking that it would actually work, and that the average user could search this page.

Well they can't. At least not yet.

Cause google hasn't indexed this blog yet. For instance, using the google search "AWESOME" returns 0 results, when it should return 100 million. So while we wait patiently for the google robot to spyder these pages, we have to be content in the fact that they will eventually get here, and the SearchBar will eventually work.

Importing Old Items

I have finally imported my old items from my previous blog and updated the interface to get the exact format that I wanted... it had to simulate the '1996' html so reminiscent of my early college page posting, but still use a web interface tool(deward says: "Welcome to 2005"). It is nice that blogger/blogspot gives us (intraweb progamamarts) the tools to hack at the published website html itself instead of relying on a limited amount of css templates designed by others (as seems to be the case at I guess I have a problem using technology that I don't understand that was written by other people.

Now the only problem with this thing is posting content that is worthy of the name: i am finding that i hardly ever care about the opinions and happenings of other random people, so why should they care about mine? In fact, I was going to blog about how I try never to use any automation or tool that I do not understand in my scripting and progra…


So, I had this index.html file all re-formatted and had updated some of teh syntax and spelling of the posts (and clarified the facebook one) way back when but did some more work on it before I uploaded it tonight. I still need to do soo much; it takes lots of time to get things exactly right. And I usually either do real stuff or idle on technologicalwebsites trying to stay on the bleeding edge when i have some spare time away from 'work'.

Needless, after reading my friend enemy thaine's blog I needed a nice break from trying to understand the fine intracacies of using blue ink over black and cursive over block lettering when submitting applications to archaic business like schools that knowing Precious created a pretty darn sweet blog was a breathe of fresh air.

p.s. run on sentences that make no sense are bad for comprehension. i hope you get the gist.